Friday, May 26, 2017

Lakeville Area Arts Center Summer Art Classes For Kids

As the school year comes to a close, your family might be busy running here and there to grad parties, end of the school year events, and spring activities. Before you know it, your kids will be sighing from boredom, wondering what to do with their time during summer vacation. Do not forget to sign them up for summer art classes at Lakeville Area Arts Center!

Specialty Workshops

This year our specialty workshops for youth explore a variety of fun artistic projects. Your child can learn to tie-dye and customize their own pillow and sleeping bag for their next summer sleepover! Another workshop called Island Art Adventure is inspired by the movie “Moana” where kids can make their own grass hula skirt, shell necklace, and flower leis. We also offer a workshop on making jewelry and magical toys like kaleidoscopes.

Pottery Classes

If your child has expressed an interest in ceramics (or just likes to get their hands dirty), summer is the perfect time to practice pottery. Kids can sign up to create a variety of different useful ceramics from bowls, jewelry holders, sconces, planters, and more! The possibilities for what you can create with clay are endless! These classes feature our series “Kids Pottery” and “My Breakfast Dishes” which are very popular and fill up fast. Reserve your spot as soon as possible!


Youth Mixed Media

Your kids will love to create on canvas in our mixed media classes. We use a variety of mediums to create unique wall d├ęcor and explore the many ways to make a painting come alive! These projects make great gifts your kid can give to loved ones.

To check out all our summer classes, please visit our website. Adults are welcome to join us for a class on pottery or painting as well! Beat the boredom this summer and sign your kids up for art classes at Lakeville Area Arts Center.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Unconventional Painting Techniques Any Artist will Love

Ready to take your artwork to new heights? Then it’s time to start experimenting with some new techniques!
It’s exciting to try new methods which can achieve unique and inspiring results, so here are some new painting techniques that are unconventional and are sure to create results that are outside the norm.
Technique 1: Change Your Brush Stroke
Using your brush in innovative methods is a simple way to produce art that is outside the norm.
  • Dotting: painting small dots that act as pixels that make up an image
  • Flicking: using your fingers or a paintbrush to splatter paint in blobby-dot forms
  • Dabbing: using a sponge, cloth, paper towel, or your fingers to press paint onto surface
  • Mixing: partially mix colors without fully diluting to create stark color changes that mingle together in each stroke

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 4.21.09 PM.png
Technique 2: Change Your Paint Surface
Sure, canvas is a nice surface to paint on, but many artists are finding inspiration by using other substrates to support their work.
  • Fabric: using an already patterned fabric as a painting surface can create an interesting contrast between printed and painted images
  • Paper: using paper is both economical and creative. Try using books or newspaper with printed words that come through the paint
  • Wood: use an old piece of thrift furniture or wood found around the backyard as a creative painting surface that adds texture and creates a natural aesthetic
  • Glass: the transparent nature of the surface of glass can contrast quite nicely with a colorful or dark paint
Technique 3: Change Your Brush
In fact, don’t use a brush at all! Some of the most unique art in the world has come from painters who choose to forgo a brush for other application materials.
  • Body: use your fingers, hands, feet, face, abdomen, etc. as a tool for applying paint
  • Natural elements: find scraps in your backyard to create different textures and strokes. You can use pine needle branches, twigs, leaves, flowers, etc.
  • Household items: grab the kitchen sponge to soak paint in. Use a cup to pour paint on a surface. Grab some carrots from the fridge to use as a brush. Every surface creates a different stroke; get crazy with some experimentation!
If you are looking for more painting tips or lessons, check out the Lakeville Area Arts Center website to see our spring art courses offered throughout the season.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Top 5 January Classes For Kids at Lakeville Area Arts Center

At Lakeville Area Arts Center, we have tons of programs to enliven your child's life during the winter months. Enroll in one of these activities to enhance creativity, increase community involvement, and broaden the mindset of your kid. You will probably meet a new friend or two as well!

Home School Pottery
At pottery class, your kid can build functional ceramics and sculpt decorative pieces throwing clay on a pottery wheel. This program meets Fridays during the day starting January 13th, so it is geared towards children who home school or have unconventional schooling methods. If your child likes creating and building with their hands, help them give 3-dimensional art a try with pottery!

Kids Mixed Media Painting: Arctic Animal
On January 17th, join us for a mixed media painting class where kids will be painting an arctic animal. These paintings can be as simple or difficult as your child wants them to be, giving them the freedom for their creativity to run wild. Your child will be proud to display their painting in their room or give it as a gift!

Kids Pottery: Picasso Face
These pottery classes, held Friday evenings starting January 20th, are geared towards children ages 6-12 years old. In January, the class will create Picasso faces out of ceramic, emulating the famous painter's technique of simplifying the face into geometric shapes. This class is not only fun, but educational, too!

Parent–Child Pottery
Do something fun with your child at pottery class on Saturday mornings. Both parent and child work together to learn basic hand building and wheel throwing. This course is a great introduction to clay pottery and making memories with your child is priceless!

DIY Jewelry: Pendants & Necklaces
No experience is necessary for this fun and creative course in jewelry making. We will provide all the supplies for you to learn and create trendy jewelry. Try wire-wrapping beads or making glass bottle necklaces; you will make something you will be proud to wear! Bring a friend and have a fun evening Thursday, January 26th.

Lakeville Area Arts Center invites your child to participate in some of our favorite programs this January. Learn a new skill and expand your artistic abilities! Sign up today!