Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ecourageing Your Child to Think Creatively

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Creativity is an impactful and important component of a child’s development. Creativity involves forging new connections, expanding one’s wealth of knowledge, and fostering new creations. Encourage your child to explore the following activities that will help get their creative juices flowing:
Dancing is an activity that blends together creativity and fitness. Enroll your child in dance lessons to see them build strength, become more flexible, and flourish creatively. Dancing inspires kids to develop different connections and interpret and portray different emotions and ideas. It’s a great lifelong activity that blends creativity and athleticism.

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To help enrich imaginations and develop creativity, enroll your kids in community theater shows and acting camps. Whether they are putting on plays at Thanksgiving dinner with the cousins or starring in school plays, you child can flourish by playing diverse characters, developing storytelling skills, and imaginatively interpreting ideas. Additionally, your child can hone language proficiency and memorization skills. These skills can help improve your child’s reading, writing, and communication abilities.
The ability to sing, play instruments, and engage in music has long been connected to high academic achievement and high creative ability. Music has the ability to soothe, to inspire, and to help kids’ imaginations soar to great heights. Music also has the ability to help people of all ages empathize with a songwriter’s ideas and a singer’s emotions. Encourage your child to try new instruments and listen to different genres of music to ignite their creative spark!

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Arts and Crafts
Arts and crafts can be a general term, but kids of all ages and interests can encourage their own imaginations by visual expression. Whether through paint, clay, or other mediums, children can develop many parts of their brains—and even personalities—by exploring art. Visual art engages many areas of a child’s brain, including parts that dominate decision making, physical movement, memory, and planning. Encourage your child to sketch, paint, and build. Try out activities that include color mixing, block-building, collage making, and more!
No matter your child’s interests, creativity can enhance every aspect and activity that your child encounters. By providing different resources and activities, your child will have the opportunity to explore new experiences.

To encourage your child to flex those creative muscles, encourage them to participate in the Lakeville Area Arts Center. Our theater and artful workshops can be an excellent companion to the upcoming school year. New classes will be starting soon. For more information on our performance opportunities and classes, check out the Lakeville Area Arts Center website today.